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Pinball Repair and Pinball Service

• Pinball repair and personal onsite service calls available for your machine at competitive rates. London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire. Other areas by arrangement e.g. Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Scotland, please telephone to discuss.

• Refurbishment of your own machine including collection, return and installation. Or you can bring the machine to me for repair. Please note that as soon as the pinball machine is ready for collection you will need to collect it within one week of notification. After one week a charge of £2 per day, per pinball machine, will be charged to you. This also applies to machines that have been quoted on in my workshop and that are awaiting approval to proceed with the work.

• Personal delivery and installation. Alternatively courier service available.

• Relocation and servicing of your machine available.

• Software updates.

• Machine Finding Service. I have a 1,000 + pinball database which may help you find the machine you are looking for. Being a collector as well, I know how important this is.

Service calls can be arranged for weekdays, evenings or Saturdays - please enquire. Before the service call I need to know the nature of the fault/s and your postcode.

Telephone: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6.30pm

020 8599 6121 or 07508 344490

Wednesday evenings up to 8 pm 07508 344490

Saturdays 1 pm to 3 pm 07508 344490

There are 24/7 hour answerphones for you to leave a message or email


New Stern Machines

New Stern Machines sold for home use, come with *12 month's warranty or at a reduced cost with 3 month's manufacturer warranty if the machines are being operated (earning money) or in commercial use (e.g. in an office, canteen or pub).


After 30 years plus of experience I know that my customers ask for serviced, overhauled and refurbished pinball machines. I price to suit your requirements. Telephone to discuss.

To cater for this I offer:


An A+ pinball is in exceptional condition and fully refurbished. It will be good enough to have in any room. It has usually has been sold from new for home use only or with a very limited site life. Machines in this condition are rare. The latest or most appropriate software is fitted and a manual is supplied. Warranty is available. A list of all A+ machines is on PP Plus Page.

Pinball Pleasure Plus Machines

These games are sold serviced, overhauled, or fully refurbished. Fully refurbished is of an extremely high standard. Fully refurbished machines have quality replacement parts fitted where available, and every effort is made to restore the game to its original condition.The latest or most appropriate software is fitted where applicable. See PP Plus Page

Flexible Warranties Available *

1, 3, 6 or 12 month's return or onsite repair/parts warranties available. You choose.

*Warranties on sales or repairs of pinball machines manufactured before 2000 are not generally available. Stern machine warranties are only available up to 5 years from new.

Buying Guide

I personally choose, refurbish, deliver/install, and do all future servicing and repairs (I have the parts available) to the pinball machines I sell. All machines are set to freeplay. I give onsite warranty as well. I cover London and the outer counties but may travel further by arrangement.

It has become apparent that a common misconception when buying a pinball machine is that customers often just go by the name of the machine and do not differentiate where or who they buy the machine from. The easiest way to explain this is by comparing it with buying a particular make and year car from a breakers yard as opposed to buying it from a reputable source. It is about the condition, past history and what expert work has been done to any machine that should be considered - not just the price. Anyone can sell a pinball machine!

Remember this when considering buying a pinball machine from a private sale, an auction site or 'collector'. I now go out to repair pinball machines that have been recently bought elsewhere and am horrified at the dilapidated state of some of them and the amount of work and cost involved to bring them up to a fully working, enjoyable game.

I know my expert knowledge and experience is very important to anyone purchasing a pinball machine. Telephone to discuss before you buy a pinball machine as I can help. The condition of a machine, how rare, the popularity of the game and the quality of refurbishment determine the price. I offer a top quality refurbishment service because I care how a pinball looks and plays. If you need more information regarding this (I have over 30 years' experience) then please contact Pinball Pleasure the pinball specialist.

About Me

My first memory of playing a pinball machine was standing on a wooden crate so that I could see and just reach the flippers. I got my first machine when I was a young teenager. One soon turned to two and over the years my collection grew to 225 machines from the 1930's and every decade to modern Stern. At the time my collection was the most comprehensive in the country, if not the world. I had over a 100 permanently set up at one stage. My early career was in the amusement trade but then my passion for pinball machines eventually led to a full time business - Pinball Pleasure. I personally choose, prepare, deliver, install, and do future servicing and repairs.

Click on links below to see one of the pinball shows I attended


I offer pinball machines that play better at competitive prices.

Pinball Hire - Pinball Rental

Pinballs can be sited in clubs, pubs, and other venues by arrangement. An ideal extra attraction for birthday parties and other celebrations in your home or social halls etc.

Privacy Policy

All information on my customers is kept safe and secure.


£50 of any deposit will not be refunded.


Returns are at customer's own expense. You must return the goods unused and in the same condition as you received them, complete with all the original packaging.

The right to cancel your order, or return the goods to us will not apply under Distance Selling Regulations in the following circumstances: -

We have ordered the item in especially for you.

We have started work on an item/items.

Business to business contracts.

The hire of equipment.


Before delivery I will ask you to measure the doors and access to ensure that the machine will go through. There are ways to cater for difficult installations but this must be discussed before delivery is undertaken as I will need to prepare the machine before setting off. Machines do vary in size and weight, and I will tell you the area required for access.

If the machine is being delivered by courier/me and you have not informed me of restrictions in access then the delivery will incur extra costs. Obviously this can be avoided by pre measuring the access areas.

I also need to know if the machine has to go upstairs/downstairs. I will need to arrange for an extra man on these occasions.

There is no warranty on machines that are collected only on machines that I personally install where warranty has been agreed.








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